Senior Cat Who Spent Her Life As A “Breeding Machine” Gets Saved

Bengal beauty Trixie didn’t spend her life being loved and spoiled like a lucky cat who’s found their way into a wonderful forever home. Instead, She lived with an irresponsible breeder, whose property was crowded with over 60 other neglected Bengals.

Thankfully, this kitty was rescued in time to enjoy the better part of her golden years. At 11-years-old, she’s thought to have been bred for a decade, used as a “breeding machine” to have litters of kittens every year since 2007.

Trixie is now in the care of the Millbrook Animal Centre, Chobham, and she’s looking for a very special home. After spending the vast majority of her life as a money-making commodity rather than a cherished family member, she is still learning what it’s liked to be loved. (She has also been spayed.)

This lovely girl has been at the shelter for almost a year and a half, and in that time, she’s learned to bond with some staff and volunteers. Although her life at the Millbrook Animal Centre is a vast improvement from where she grew up, she still deserves the focused love and attention that only a forever home can provide.

Now, the catnip-crazy kitty is looking for a family that can cater to her needs. Her online profile reads:

Trixie will need a quiet home without other cats or children, but to the right home she could live with a calm, cat-friendly dog.

Being a Bengal she is very active and adventurous so she definitely needs to live in a rural environment, safely away from busy roads and railway lines. One of her favourite things to do is explore the cattery and she loves to climb on top of the cat pens in the main corridor – we think she will absolutely love to have a safe garden all to herself to relax and play in.

We believe that Trixie is around 11 years old, but her beautiful face and sprightly character certainly don’t match this!

“Trixie is a fabulous cat and has made so much progress in the year she has been at Millbrook,” Cattery Supervisor Claire Jones told iHeartCats. “She is still scared of being handled she will let you do so when it’s necessary (for health checks, trips to the vet etc.).”

“Trixie may always be like this but it doesn’t take anything away from her fun and energetic character, she loves to play and explore and if you speak to her she’ll answer back in a way that truly shows off her Bengal personality,” she added.

With a little time and patience, this senior sweetheart will offer her new family loyal companionship, endless appreciation, and even some thought-provoking conversation!

“Trixie will make a wonderful pet for the right person, not only because of her sparkling character but also because it will be so rewarding to give her a loving home, which she so desperately deserves after a life of misery being used to produce kittens for profit,” Jones said.

All she needs is for someone to give her a chance – could that be you?

If you are interested in adopting Trixie, visit her adoption profile for more information.

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