Shelter Dog Still Needs Loving Home

The scouts of the “Scout” laboratory have spent their lives working in the Arkansas Delta Humane Society. 7 years to be exact! The boy scout and his brother were just puppies and arrived at the shelter. His brother was recently adopted, but the Scout is still patiently waiting for the arrival of the perfect family. The shelter knew that the scout was a cute puppy, and they hoped he would find his perfect home soon.

Recently, the scouts found a homestay. Andrea Denk and her son Eddie saw the scouts at the shelter and fell in love with him. They could not adopt him, but they wanted to provide him with a comfortable home, so they raised him. They wanted to show him a life outside the humanitarian society.

The scout quickly adapted to his new foster family. He was such a cute boy, but the shelter thought he was ignored just because he was a black dog. Now that he has grown up, it becomes more difficult for him to find a family.

Although 7 years may sound long, some dogs spend longer in shelters than in the past. This is a sanctuary not to be missed, so dogs stay there until they find a home. Sadly, for some dogs, the time is much longer than others.

The human society is full of animals. Currently, they have about 250 dogs and 50 cats. With so many animals in need of homes, it is difficult for scouts to be spotted.

Rita Merritt of the Delta Humane Society explained that there are so many animals because no one wants to pee and sterilize. She pointed out that their shelters can desperately use spay and neutral clinics to end the problem. She also believes that if more people are nurtured, it will greatly help.

Every week, shelters share information about scouts. His posts always get a lot of likes, comments, and sharing, but no one has taken the initiative to adopt him yet. He is a lovely boy, full of love. He was just waiting for someone to reach out and give him a chance.

If you are interested in adopting Scout, please contact the Delta Humane Society. Even if you cannot provide him with housing, please donate and spread the word to help him find his eternal family as soon as possible. This poor puppy no longer has to wait for his happiness.