Shot With An Arrow, Cupid The Cat Overcomes Cruelty With Love

On Valentine’s Day, it was a cruel move to land the cat Cupid in the arms of the Arlington Animal Welfare Alliance, but there he found his will to live and survive.

On a day dedicated to love, a woman in Hardy County, West Virginia opened the door and found an orange tabby cat. The fact that usually brings surprises proves to be a shocking shock. The cat was shot in the head with an arrow. And the bullet was still sticking out of the poor cat’s face.

Local animal rescuers rushed the injured cat to an animal hospital, where he received painkillers to relieve his pain. However, rescue organizations do not have sufficient funds to treat cats. They contacted the Arlington Animal Welfare Alliance for help.

The Alliance immediately intervened and transported the injured tabby cat to the animal emergency room. An X-ray examination was performed, more painkillers were taken, and surgery was performed the next day.

During the operation, the surgeon used a wire cutter to cut off the arrow. Fortunately, important organs of kittens and cats have not been penetrated. However, because the arrow had been trapped in his body for about a week, a major infection had already begun.

A Sweet Ginger Earns a Loving Name

On the day of his operation, Jiang Mao received his name. The people who worked with him fell in love with the cute boy and decided that he was definitely Cupid.

AWLA’s Chelsea Jones told CNN, “The reason why we gave him Cupid is partly that he was discovered on Valentine’s Day and because he was so painful and uncomfortable, It is so sweet and affectionate. “

Although Cupid underwent surgery, he was still at a critical juncture. Cupid ’s new page on Instagram reported: “His infection is very serious, so we are treating him with two antibiotics. This is a very intense operation for a young cat underweight.”

But Chelsea said: “He is a fighter and has performed well so far.”

“He has a big appetite and admires people. All he has to do is eat and eat sn.”

The latest update reports good news, “Cupid ’s bacterial culture has just returned and the bacteria we are dealing with are not resistant.”

This means that Cupid should continue to heal and overcome the infection!

Giving Hearts Flood AWLA with Donations

To help Cupid (Cupid) have an estimated $ 6,500 in medical expenses, the alliance filed a donation request. Their latest update shows that the amount has far exceeded. The total funds raised to help Cupid and AWLA exceed USD 80,000! The story of Sweet Cupid moved cat lovers everywhere, and they are reaching out to help him and other animals in need.

If you want to donate, please check “Love Cupid”. Or, go to your local shelter and spend some time or cash to help animals find their eternal home.