Sick Dog Abandoned At Border Crossing Finally Gets Helping Hand

A dog abandoned near the border between California and Mexico was getting sicker and sicker until Hope For Paws came along to save him. Pax was suffering from skin infections and malnutrition, but thankfully a man living in the area gave him food, otherwise, he would likely not have survived.

Eldad Hagar said he drove a full day to get to Pax, but when he arrived he found Pax to be friendly and easy to rescue, all things considered. He wrote afterward, “I am so grateful for the person there who fed him and kept him alive until someone called me…”

Pax got the medical care and much-needed bath before continuing on to his foster home with Linzi Glass, the founder of The Forgotten Dog Foundation. She was able to find Pax a loving home where he is now happy. Hagar writes, “They still have many more dogs who are looking for a home, so please check out their list of dogs for adoption.

Watch Pax’s rescue in the video below.