Special Pit Bull Sanctuary Is Coming To Georgia

Pit Bulls are often given a bad reputation, which is why there are always so many of them in shelters. Pit Bulls are such sweet dogs, but many families won’t even give them a chance. This is why Jason Flatt from Paulding County, Georgia created Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue, which is a rescue designed specifically to help Pit Bulls. He plans to extend this organization even further though.

Friends to the Forlorn currently takes in Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes as often as they can. Caring for a lot of dogs at a time is not cheap, but with the help of donations, they are able to care for the dogs around the clock.

Recently, Flatt purchased 46 acres in a remote area of Georgia. He plans to use that space to build a state-of-the-art sanctuary just for Pit Bulls. These amazing dogs deserve so much love, so he wants to give them the most comfortable life possible while they wait for their forever homes.

The Pit Bull Sanctuary
Flatt’s goal is to raise enough money to break ground for the sanctuary within the next 3 years. He already has big plans for how he wants it to be. He has the needs of every Pit Bull in mind.

At the new sanctuary, he wants every dog to have a 40-foot run that’s made out of both concrete and grass. He also wants to create special areas for rehabilitation and indoor play, and he plans to have a veterinarian on site. The Pit Bulls will be living the dream at this new location.

Every dog that is at the sanctuary will be looking for a forever home. If they have a hard time finding a family of their own, they can stay at the sanctuary for as long as needed. Either way, Flatt will make sure that they always feel loved.

Not only does Flatt hope to help as many rescue Pit Bulls as possible, but he wants to change the way the world sees Pit Bulls entirely. Many people just assume they’re an aggressive breed that’s only used for fighting, but Flatt wants to put those rumors to rest. He will do whatever he can to show the world how amazing these dogs truly are.

Of course, Flatt would love to have the sanctuary up and running as soon as he can, but it won’t be possible without the support and donations of fellow dog lovers. If you would like to contribute to this amazing cause, please visit the Friends to the Forlorn website to find out how to donate.