Stray Followed Woman Everywhere On Vacation, So Now She’s Taking Her Home!

When traveling, there is a chance that you will come across some stray animals during your trip. Many of them will likely be scared or hesitant around strangers, so most people don’t think much of it.

However, a beautician named Lucy Clydesdale came across a stray dog that just wouldn’t leave her alone during her girls’ holiday at the Tropicana Beach Hotel in Turkey. This stray dog was unlike any other dog Clydesdale had seen. It was like love at first sight.

Clydesdale commented on how she and her friends came across many stray dogs at the beach, but one dog, in particular, stood out to her. While many dogs would follow them along the beach and up to the hotel, this one dog followed her all the way to her room. This is when she knew it was meant to be.

A New Companion

During their entire trip, the dog would not leave their side, so Clydesdale quickly grew attached. She named the dog Jessie. 

“She’d walk to restaurants with us and even sit by the pool and wait until we came out,” said Clydesdale.

People in the hotel began to take notice of this unusual bond. Some of them told Clydesdale that they’d never seen anything like it. By hearing this, Clydesdale realized that she needed to take Jessie home with her.

One guest at the hotel suggested that Clydesdale should adopt the dog. They told her about Gumbet Stray Animals, a volunteer rescue group on Facebook. The guest said that they would be able to help Clydesdale adopt her new friend. So, Clydesdale reached out to one of the administrators right away.

Bringing Jessie Home

The administrator from Gumbet Stray Animals gladly met Clydesdale at her hotel. She showed Clydesdale all the success stories of other dogs being adopted. Then, she explained the adoption process to her.

Jessie has to stay at a foster home for a few months before coming home. Clydesdale lives in Stockton-on-Tees, England, so it will be quite a trip for Jessie, but it will be worth it to finally be in a loving home. The foster parent sends photos and updates about Jessie on a regular basis.

“It hasn’t actually sunk in yet that she’ll be here eventually, but I’ll definitely be spoiling her as much as possible as soon as she arrives,” said Clydesdale.

It feels weird for Clydesdale to head home from her holiday without Jessie by her side, but she is excited for them to be reunited soon. She did not expect to gain a new family member during her trip to Turkey, but of course, she’s grateful for it. She couldn’t have asked for a better vacation.