Stray Siberian Husky’s Heartfelt Journey With His Foster Family

There are many gains to become a foster care animal. It is also full of hope and heartache, sadness, and joy. A Siberian Husky named Arnold was found to be a wanderer. He suffered serious injuries to his legs and eyes, and he spent a week in a shelter before receiving proper treatment. A pair of husbands and wives who often maintain shelters and rescue dogs rescued them from “rescue assistants” and took him home to take care of him.

“This is Arnold.”

“He was found to be a wanderer.”

“His left leg tightly tied his necklace, and then grew into an armpit. Both the chain and his eyes needed to be surgically removed. However, because the pound only undergoes surgery once a week, he just sat on A week in the puppy’s nest. “

“He weighs only 27 pounds, which is 25 pounds lower than the average male weight, and is positive for filariasis.”

“The day after his surgery, my voluntary rescue was allowed to be brought into Arnold, and my wife immediately offered to raise him. He immediately adapted to our residence, even our dachshund (seriously royal son) ) Also decided that he belonged here. “

“In the following months, we discovered that he had the worst whipworm disease imaginable (leading to a severe B12 deficiency) and some unknown diseases that caused explosive, bloody diarrhea. Two to three times. It does n’t matter, it ’s not his fault. In the past 90 days, he spent 40 days on metronidazole, trying to fight everything that constantly erodes his digestive system.

“No matter what, it will kill his appetite. I wake up 1 hour every morning and just want him to eat something before going to work. Moreover, all our hard work has paid off. Arnold’s weight has been from 27 The pound increased to 43 pounds. He has more energy. He has been able to travel with us a few times. He loves dirt. “

“But recently, my wife and I found his stomach bloated. We hope this is related to the completion of his recent subway course (metronidazole). But this is not the case.”

“Arnold suffers from filariasis. The filariasis kills. Arnold succeeded. He just doesn’t know yet. Today is Arnold’s last day. He has congestive heart failure. All his organs are shutting down. His bloating is getting worse The more serious. But he is still happy. Especially now. He eats steak for dinner. He has a chicken liver. And he does n’t know yet, but he also wants to eat bacon for breakfast. “

“This is Arnold.”

Arnold’s rescuers pointed out that even severe filariasis can be cured … but this treatment has caused heavy damage to dogs. And weighing only 28 pounds, he will not be spared. They commented: “We are trying to reduce the burden so that he can be treated.”

Sadly, it was not timely. However, what comforts us is that Arnold had a loving home in the months after he was rescued on the street.