The Abandoned Dog Slept In The Snow For A Few Days Until Tourists Helped Her

An abandoned dog sleeps in front of a summer resort hotel in northern Romania, thanks to the efforts of a tourist who discovered her.

When a tourist noticed her, “Indy” lay on the snow to get a little sunshine. Until that time, she had not received attention because the dog’s rescued How cry revealed that the hotel owner “always drove her away” because he feared the dog would scare away tourists. The hotel owner also instructed his employees not to give her any food.

However, the good Samaritan had mercy on the dog. He brought her food and fed her a few days every day. He even bought her crates and warm blankets to help her stay warm on cold nights.

Every night, Indy curls up on the cold ground, and the temperature drops to -20 degrees Celsius (-4F).

Knowing that the dog’s chance of survival seemed grim, the tourist decided not to leave the resort unless he found a way to save Indy.

This man can’t keep her because he already has a few pets. Therefore, he called rescue workers several times until someone said yes. The barking of good dogs is very happy. When the good Samaritans proposed to bring Indy 500 kilometers from the summer resort to their residence, they were surprised and happy!

Indy was examined by a veterinarian at the shelter. Although she was still young (5 years old), her teeth were worn. Maybe she lived a life of bondage and broke her teeth out of boredom or trying to gain freedom?

Indy is friendly, but shy, and she doesn’t seem to know what toys are for. But Howl of a Dog says she is learning quickly and coming out of her shell. She has been spayed and is in good health and is now looking for a forever home.

If you have a loving home for Indy and want to help her complete her journey to a happy life, please note that Howl of a Dog facilitates international adoptions to the USA, Canada, and European countries. For more details about Indy’s adoption,

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