The Chimera Cat So Striking, You Can’t Look Away

What does the word ‘chimera’ mean?

In mythology, a chimera is a fierce beast composed of a lion, goat, and snake. Fearsome and majestic to behold, but not the definition we’re looking for…

Let’s turn instead to the term ‘chimera’ as it applies to cats, which presents a far cuddlier option than the monster of Greek legend.

You’ve seen them before. Felines with faces toned in drastic and hard-drawn color differences. The unusual beauties are referred to as chimera and mosaic cats.

But, how does the dramatic quirk of patterning happen?

Chimera cats are their own fraternal twin, according to BasePaws. The ‘two-faced’ appearance “can occur after either two fertilized eggs or two early embryos fuse together into one organism”. While chimera cats are more than one egg come together, the term ‘mosaic’ is applied to a cat starting off as only one egg. The genetics inside that egg is a wild mix and can paint a kitten in the unusual two-toned patterns as well.

The explanation is technical, but the result is adorable.

Whether chimera, mosaic, or simply a random pattern of calico, Quimera is a perfect example.

Quimera paints a striking vision with the stark differences in her face. One side is dark as a shadow with an eye of the bluest sky and the other half resembles that of a tabby tiger. The eye on her tiger sideburns amber-gold in contrast to the icy pierce of her other eye. The sharply divided coloring reverses as it moves away from her face and down her body, making her coat a work of art only nature can craft. A blend of sunshine and shadow, Quimera is a natural-born star.

Instagram Sensation

If you follow the world of cat celebrities, you’re probably familiar with chimera cats thanks to Venus and Narnia De La Grace. Chances are you follow Quimera too.

The beautiful cat debuted on Instagram in 2016 and has garnered almost ninety thousand followers since the page’s beginning.

While she’s an unusual sight, Quimera behaves like any other over-indulged darling.

She likes to keep her paws clean because she’s a lady…

Snacks are a kitty priority and in this instance, cake is the way…

Swishing her luxurious tail for all to see, Quimera makes for a living art show…

She quite enjoys hanging out with her people…

 Her time with fans is lovely too…

Speaking of fans, folks inspired by Quimera have taken to creating portraits of the chimera themselves. One follower even got a tattoo representation of the cat’s eyes. How could people not go loco for this unusual cat?

Quimera and Kyra

Quimera isn’t the only beauty in her Buenos Aires home, however. Her sister, Kyra, knows how to work a camera too.

Joining the family a few months ago, Kyra adds to the calico fun, and everywhere one turns, there waits a cat beauty striking a pose for the camera. Keep it up, you gorgeous kitty girls!