The Dog That Sits Like a Person!

The Mayah were rescued when they were raided by police in a Georgian pharmacy. She was admitted to the Lifeline Animal Project Shelter, and they immediately fell in love with her sweet personality. She is a caring senior dog, but LifeLine staff later learned that the Maya had a special skill that was both quirky and cute. They soon discovered that the Mayans had actually reshaped the “seat”.

When Mayah sat down, she did not sit like any other dog but instead stood upright like a human. For dogs, this may seem unusual, but in this strange position, the Mayans seem very comfortable.

Once the shelter discovered Mayah’s hidden talent, they knew they had to share it with the world. They posted a lovely video about Mayah ah on Facebook, hoping to attract more attention from her. They also shared other lovely photos of her sitting.

Mayah is about 9 years old. In her foster home, she gets along well with other dogs. She likes to meet new friends and stay with her close friends. In addition, she always walks around and looks very happy.

As they learned more about Mayah, the shelter continued to share information about Mayah. She even participated in the Atlanta Pride Parade with her employees. She wore a festive turban and had a good time. Even if this is an exciting event, the Mayah will express themselves and become friends with everyone she meets.

She is currently in a host family while she is waiting for someone to adopt her. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting her, please contact LifeLine Animal Project to meet her! She is a sweet and happy girl who only needs a place full of love to call home