The Former Bait Dog Finally Has The Love Home He Deserves Forever

Over the years, the Stray Dog Foundation has rescued many dogs in need of emergency care. Although Liam has participated in several emergency rescues, Liam ’s story is always in their hearts.

Rescue workers at the Street Dog Foundation were told of an abandoned dog living behind a warehouse in Memphis. After they arrived at the scene, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Hiding between two dumpsters was a pitiful pup who’s spirit had been broken. He was covered in wounds from head to toe, and had the look of absolute fear in his eyes. After further assessing his wounds, it was clear that he had been used as a bait dog.

After everything he had been through, he was of course terrified to be surrounded by unfamiliar humans. Luckily, the rescuers of the Street Dog Foundation were prepared to do whatever it took to gain his trust and bring him to safety.

After hours of reassuring conversation and the offering of treats, they were finally able to scoop the injured dog into a blanket. They carried him to their car as they promised that his life of pain was now behind him.

The rescue team immediately took him to a nearby animal hospital where he received the medical care he so desperately needed. He was covered in wounds that needed to be treated and severely dehydrated from a life of neglect

“The vet told us that in the 28 years she’s been practicing, she’s never seen a dog with as many bite wounds and lives.” – The Street Dog Foundation

His stay in the animal hospital was documented day by day, and it was incredible to watch him come out of his shell more and more each day. What began as a terrified dog that could barely stand to look anyone in the eye, ended up a joyful pup who happily carried his new stuffed toy around the yard. He also seemed to enjoy having a special name of his own. His rescuers now called him Liam, and he truly glowed each time they spoke his name.

Even more amazing than his miraculous recovery was his reaction to other dogs at the clinic. Unfortunately, many bait dogs carry around a chronic fear of other dogs which can make it difficult to re-home them. While at the animal hospital, Liam not only tolerated the presence of other dogs but actually made friends!

After a long hospital stay with a staff that was dedicated to getting him well, Liam was finally ready to experience life as a loved indoor dog! He then set off to his foster home where he continued to heal and come of out his shell

After much-needed TLC and medical clearance, Liam is finally ready to go to his eternal home. Fortunately for Liam, his future family has been paying attention to his progress and knows that they want to be the one who will bring him the future he deserves.

Liam now spends his time with his furry best friend Dalia in a caring home. Dalia is also used by the Street Dog Foundation Rescued. This game is destined to be!

We ca n’t wait to see Liam and Dalia grow together in their eternal home! Thanks to the incredible transformation made by the Street Dog Foundation.

If you want to watch the transformation once a week after Liam is rescued, you can search for the hashtag #sdfLiam on Instagram or follow Liam and Dalia on Instagram.