The Hopeful Rottweiler Is Looking For A Loving Family To Spend The Last Time With Her

Autumn is a loving Rottweiler, she is desperately looking for her forever home. Although many dogs spend a lot of time in the shelter waiting for their eternal family to rescue them, there is not much time in autumn. Sadly, there are only a few weeks left in the fall, but the Ramapo-Burgen Animal Sanctuary in New Jersey refused to make her last day frustrating. They hope someone can give autumn a place to stay, but at the same time, the shelter will do everything it can to make her as happy as possible.

Autumn story
Autumn is 7 years old. Until recently, she spent her life outdoors. She likes to run around and enjoy the fresh breeze. Sadly, when she started walking, her family handed her over to a murder shelter. They claimed that they did not have enough time for her.

Since she did not have proper social activities throughout her life, many rescue operations tried to help her. Fortunately, she found the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Sanctuary and they decided to do everything possible to help her.

When they rescued Autumn, she couldn’t add weight to her hind legs. Over time, her condition will only get worse, so they know what they have to do. At the same time, Autumn is still full of hope. She continued to shake her tail and gave the cute puppy’s eyes to potential adopters. All she wants is a family who loves her.

In order for her legs to be properly evaluated, the animal shelter staff rushed the fall to the hospital shortly after rescuing her. X-rays of her knees in Autumn showed that she had bone cancer, which meant that she might have only a few weeks of life. She is taking painkillers, but she desperately hopes that someone will love her and take care of her at the same time.

Help Autumn find a home!
The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge is looking for a kind person to spend the last day of autumn with her. They didn’t want to waste her remaining time, so while waiting for help from others, the animal shelter also gave her as much love as possible.

Autumn will like a hospice caregiver, let her spend her last day, or even a temporary foster care, let her spend a night or two. Any kindness will greatly help her. She is a sweet dog and has never lost her hope for a better life. Even if you cannot spend time to help her, you can consider donating some money to help her pay for medical expenses, of course, please share her story. Any help she can get will greatly benefit her.

If you think your residence is suitable for autumn, you can contact the shelter at