The incredible recovery of the hungry dog ​​highlights his beauty

Valia Orfanidou is a dog lover and she voluntarily spends her time in a refuge near Athens, Greece. She regularly raises dogs that need her, so she follows many rescue organizations in the area to learn how to help. One day, she saw a picture of the saddest dog she had ever seen. He is very thin and has almost no hair. She wanted to know how the dog could stand up.

Among other things, he tried to point out where the poor dog was. Through a photo containing the train station, she was able to determine that the dog was in a town about 70 miles from her hometown of Athens. She received help from a friend from a rescue team, and they set off to find him together. When they do this, they are convinced that he will not survive longer. He could barely walk, his bones were clearly visible, and he was very infected with man worms. Valia and her friends are convinced that the best thing they can do for this forgotten and neglected creature is to help him die with dignity.

Valia was stunned when after a vet gave him an exam and bloodwork, he said that the dog, now called Billy, could make a full recovery.

Valia wrapped Billy up and took him home to begin nursing him back to health.

At first, Billy was too weak. He stayed up all night and ate only once. He seemed to be enjoying the comfortable bed extremely and very slowly, and Valia’s care began to transform Billy’s severely malnourished body

Billy’s spell healed bit by bit, and his hair began to grow back. He gained weight and looked like a healthy boy again. Within a few months, he became completely unrecognizable. He looks like a dog again, how beautiful he is! Billy was adopted by a Greek woman living in Switzerland. Valia is hard to say goodbye to, but it’s great that Billy and Emma have found their eternal home. Emma keeps Valia in touch with Billy via Skype, email, and phone.