The Loneliest Cat In Britain Gets Christmas Wish

When warm in the glow of the holidays, it can be hard to remember there are those that go without love and family in this coldest of seasons.

Toby, an 11-year old tuxedo cat, knows this loneliness. He’s been in a shelter for so long he’s known as Britain’s loneliest cat. If the pattern holds, the sweet boy will spend his second Christmas with the RSPCA of England & Wales. And while he’s safe and happy with the shelter, he still wants a forever home.

Toby took up residence in the RSPCA-Canterbury and District Animal Centre last Christmas Eve after he was rescued from a house with 46 other cats. He’s been with them ever since. Sadly, Toby’s situation is not uncommon; shelters are full of older cats in need of adoption. But, it’s not just that Toby is older…

This statistic applies not only to black cats but tuxedos too. Not only do they make up half the shelter cat populous, but it takes longer for mini panthers and tuxedos to be adopted. The average time span is 30 days.

That Toby is male affects his adoption chances too…

The odds are stacked against Toby; he’s black and white, a male, and considered a senior cat. These things don’t make him any less lovable though. The same goes for any elderly male cats of any pattern for that matter. Every kitty matters.

A Shy Boy
Toby is a shy cat. This also hurt his chances of adoption because he tends to hide when people visit the shelter. While the other cats vocalized and put on silly cat displays that make people fall in love, Toby hung back, watching from afar.

To work on his shyness, Toby stays with a foster family, where he absolutely shines.

Beth Hixon of the RSPCA told Unilad, “We found a foster home for Toby where he has proven to be a sociable, friendly, and interactive cat.”

As of a few weeks ago, Toby was still in search of the quiet home he needs and facing a second Christmas in the shelter.

Could a Home for Christmas be on the Horizon?
But there’s great news for Toby! With his lonely plight catching the internet’s interest, the RSPCA-Canterbury has been overrun with calls inquiring about adopting Toby. They wrote on Facebook, “We can barely cope so bear with us!”

The loneliest cat in Britain now has a figurative line around the block. It might be safe to say the sweet tuxedo will be lonely no more.

Who does Toby see? His new family!

The RSPCA-Canterbury has announced, “We have just met with a local family who have now reserved Toby, pending a positive new home check and healthy vet check he will be heading to his new home very shortly!”

Happy Christmas, sweet Toby!

From lonely tom to family man, Toby wants to remind everyone, there are still senior or long-term cats available for adoption. This statement goes far beyond RSPCA shelters and the borders of the UK. All over the world, kittens are generally adopted quickly while older cats remain in shelters. When considering bringing a kitty into your home, don’t forget the old-timers. They still have plenty of purrs and snuggles and need love too.