The Most Aggressive Dog Ranking In The World

Dogs of any breed will become aggressive if they are not raised properly. However, some breeds of dogs are prone to aggressive or disobedient orders. Here are the ten most aggressive dogs. Not only do we want to show these breeds, but we also want to point out that when choosing any breed of dog, it is necessary to be aware of the dangers and to train them wisely.

10 Akbas Dog

For a person who loves and understands dogs, dogs are smart and loyal animals. Unlike many other breeds, Akbash dogs have a strong emotional connection with human caregivers and animals. Therefore, although it is included in the list of aggressive dogs, its character is very complicated and not obvious.

9 American Pit Bull Terrier

Many people are classified as dangerous dogs because of their lack of understanding of this breed. Many dogs maintain a strong fighting instinct, but because of the lack of domestication, they are aggressive, and many people use it directly as a fighting dog. However, few people know that the American pit bull terrier can be a great family dog.

8 Anatolian Shepherd

This dog is independent and energetic. They are responsible for protecting the deer and are able to perform their duties without human assistance. These features make them aggressive pets. The owner of this breed of dog must train the dog to accompany them to humans. This kind of dog is very clever and learns very quickly, but may not be very obedient.

7 American Bulldog

The ancestors of the American bulldogs are very useful for small farmers and breeders who use bulldogs to protect themselves, bear hunting, wild boars, raccoons, and squirrels. In addition to these, the original American bulldogs also participated in the bloody battles with other dogs. They were also designed to fight large animals such as sniffing bears and cattle on the field

6 Argentine Dogo

The Argentine dog, also known as the Argentine cockroach, is a breed of dog that is considered aggressive. However, there are many other qualities in his character that make him a lovely companion and a loyal defender. It is highly safe to have such a bodyguard in dangerous situations, and the dog can protect you until death.

5 Moscow Watchdog

A hybrid between a Caucasian shepherd and an st. Bernard. The Moscow watchdog was created by a Russian breeder who wanted to develop a large, durable, strong guardian instinct. Dog.

4 Caucasian Shepherd

It has several similarities with bears. Both animals are very powerful and even want the human embrace. However, no one will try to hold a bear. Although the Caucasian shepherd is beautiful and smart, for most people, it is not suitable as a family member. Although every dog ​​breeder will see great potential and wisdom in it, it will also see its arrogant personality.

3 Canary Dog

The canary dog ​​is officially classified as an offensive dog. Obviously, this situation may be somewhat unpredictable, but it should be noted that this is rare. The character of this aggressive and mentally powerful dog is primarily influenced by parenting and social level. Both of these things are the sole responsibility of the animal breeder. Of course, like other breeds, special attention must be paid to parenting, because dogs that are not well-fed are as dangerous as smart ones.

2 Presa Canario

Presa Canario is a powerful dog from the Canary Islands that is bred to be a “catch dog,” running after cattle and bringing them back. It can be headstrong and needs a leader to manage their aggression. Socialization is necessary at a young age, and the dog must be prevented from chasing.

1 Rottweiler

His powerful aggression can only be dominated by the same cruel domestication of coaches and bosses. It is a dog with two characteristics: it can love children, but it can also attack strangers. Contrary to the appearance, this rottweiler dog is very demanding – but patiently domesticated will get a reward from a loyal, caring dog…

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