The Poodle That Survived Is Now Living The Best Life

The poodle Cora (Cora the Poodle) is a source of inspiration for many people. She had a serious car accident when she was very young. The car crash interrupted her forelegs, pelvis, and buttocks.

She was supposed to be euthanized due to serious injuries. However, when Zach Skow, the founder of Marley’s Mutts, met her, he knew she still had a lot of life. Therefore, he rescued her and immediately started her medical procedure. Many people doubt all the time and money Skow spent to save Cora, but based on how happy the puppies are today, all his efforts are clearly worth it.

The Road to Recovery

Cora’s bones were shattered, the poor puppy couldn’t even move, and the infection began to affect her bones. Her body was rough, but Scoff refused to give up on her. He spent $ 10,000 on her surgery. Cost is not important to him, because there is nothing more important than Cora’s health.

During the surgery, Cora’s two legs must be cut off. First, they amputated one leg, but they did their best to save the second leg. Sadly, this did not go according to plan, this poor puppy has only two hind legs. She still has a long way to go before recovering, but in the end, it’s all worth it!

At the beginning of the rehabilitation process, Kola was unable to walk. She can hardly move around. However, after more than 3 months of treatment, all her wounds healed and her true personality became clear. She learned to move, jump and play like other dogs. Through all this, her tail has been swaying. She is very happy to be alive.

Cora’s New Life

Shortly after recovery, Cora had her own private wheelchair to help her move around easily. However, she also learned how to move perfectly without it. The cute little puppy is able to walk around her hind legs, often jumping around like a rabbit. For some people, this may seem stupid, but for Cora, this is completely natural.

Skow called the sweet little poodle a “bright light source in the dark.” Sure enough, Cora brings happiness and positivity to every situation. Despite a difficult past and only two legs, Kola is one of the most cheerful dogs in the world. Just by her side is enough to bring joy to anyone.

Skow often shares an adorable photo and video updates of Cora on Marley’s Mutts social media. Followers adore her, and she has inspired so many people to adopt dogs in need. In every video, her tail just keeps on wagging. Every day, she’s so thankful that Skow took a chance on her to give her the life she deserves. For more adorable posts about Cora, please check out Marley’s Mutts on Facebook!

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