Special Kitten Is Over When It Starts To Grow Up

Sometimes nature can be cruel, but the kindness of cat lovers can alleviate the cruel facts in life. Only one-day-old Lela kitten has learned these truths.

This little black kitten was only found in the backyard, so her eyes have not opened yet. She was rescued after a woman heard her whisper for help and pleaded guilty on Facebook.

Ashley Kelley is a volunteer and parent of Wrenn rescues. She crosses positions and starts to act. Ashley said: “Something tells me that I need to get it immediately. I got in touch with the viewfinder, put on my mask and gloves, and jumped into the car. It was already 9 pm.

When Ashley arrived to pick up the kitten, the woman who’d found her had tucked the baby into a safe, warm space and looked for the mother. But, sadly, no mom returned. And this could have been due to the fact, Aela had a cleft nose.

“Unfortunately that is how nature works sometimes,” Ashley explained. “Mamas leave their weak, incompatible-with-life babies and focus on their healthy ones.”

But in the dark of the evening and on a small black cat, Aela’s nose had yet to be seen.

When Ashley returned home with the kitten, she gave the baby a look over and discovered Aela’s special nose. Ashley also noticed, “She has a teeny tiny hole in her palate along with the cleft nose, so it’s not safe to bottle feed her. She needs to be tube-fed.”

But, as an expert in fostering kittens, Ashley knew just how to care for the sweet girl and Aela soon settled in.

Special Girl Growing Strong
Ashley reports, “Little Aela is just pure sweetness.”

The baby house panther loves to be brushed with a little toothbrush and after her grooming, she curls up in Ashley’s hand and falls asleep. And the only time Aela gets fussy is when its time to eat.

Though Aela has special needs due to her cleft nose and palatal hole, Ashley told Love Meow, “Other than needing to be tube-fed, she is a remarkably normal kitten so far. She recognizes my scent and cuddles up to my hands.”

“It’s almost as though she understands that I am helping her.”

At one week old, Aela has gained a good amount of weight. Ashley shared, “Today she weighs 140g, which is 55g more than she weighed when I got her 6 days ago. She is turning out to be quite the little potato!”

And Aela is the most darling little spud ever!