The Stray Dog ​​kept The Five Kittens Warm On The Side Of The Road. Now She Needs A Home.

On a cold night in Ontario, Canada, the car was driving as usual. Unfortunately, many of them did not notice the dog lying on the side of the road. On a cold night, a cute stray dog ​​shrank on the snowy road, and Ser shrank. Fortunately, someone finally noticed her and decided to ask for help. But when they approached tranquility, they realized that she was not alone. This stray dog ​​was shrunk on 5 little kittens!

When the good Samaritan noticed that the dogs and kittens were shaking on the side of the road, they called for pets and wildlife rescue. Tranquility seemed to wrap around these little black kittens to keep them warm. It is unclear how long she has been with the kitten, or what happened to their mother cat, but “Pet and Wildlife Rescue” arrived immediately.

On that cold night, Tranquility could easily find a warm and comfortable place for herself, but she did not consider herself at all. She may have seen the kittens in need and hurried to do her best to save them. If it were not for her caring nature, the kitten might not survive.

Even if Serenity and the kitten were taken to the shelter, she still didn’t want to leave them. The shelter at the shelter posted cute pictures of her “baby” who protected herself.

Tranquility and kittens currently live in foster homes. The kitten is taken care of safely and healthy there. Once they grow up, they will be adopted. However, Serenity hopes to find her eternal home as soon as possible!

Although Serenity may wish to find a home with at least one kitten, she does not want to wait until her family is found forever. After hearing her story, many people already want to adopt her. She was excited that her story and cute faces were enough to arouse people’s interest.

The shelter guessed Serenity was about two years old, so she was still young and energetic. She is a lovely girl and can obviously live at home with other cats, but she still has many ways and commands to learn. She needs a family who is willing to teach her new things and embrace her sweet, vibrant nature.

Even if many people expressed interest in Serenity, the shelter will continue to work hard to ensure that she can live a perfect home. The employees fell in love with her in a short time and they wanted to make sure that she went home with the right family.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Serenity or any kitten, please contact Pet and Wildlife Rescue for more details!