The Ten Most Beautiful Ducks In The World

Ducks are mainly used as edible poultry in our country. In fact, there are many varieties of ducks in the world, and some of them have amazing beauty. So do you know which duck is the most beautiful? Let’s take a look at the ten most beautiful ducks in the world.

10. White-headed Duck

The white-headed duck is one of the rarest waterfowls in the world. Their heads are white, the deep blue scorpion and the strong tail are its symbols, and the feathers on it are dark brown and look very spirited.

9. Spectacled Eider Duck

The origin of the name of the velvet duck is because it has a white plaque around the eye, and the body is also covered with fluffy fine hair, which looks very supple and very beautiful.

8. Ruddy Duck

Ruddy ducks stand out because of their bright and bright blue beak, and in the winter, their maroon body and bright blue beak will gradually fade to dark gray, and in summer it will become a bright blue beak and maroon feathers. In order to attract the opposite sex.

7. Mandarin Duck

It is recognized as one of the most beautiful ducks in the world and it can be found in many places. Exotic ducks usually appear between lakes and trees, and the color of male feathers is particularly bright. In Asian culture, people generally regard mandarin duck as a symbol of love and have a very good meaning.

6. Surf Scoter Duck

Surf scoter ducks are a unique type of duck that often appears in coastal waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The head of the male surf scoter duck has a very striking pattern, with white patches on the forehead and neck, black feathers on the body, and round eyes that look very beautiful.

5. Long-tailed Duck

The long-tailed duck is a medium-sized sea duck with a small beak and two slender tail feathers. In winter and summer, the feathers of male long-tailed ducks will turn into different colors, which is very beautiful.

4. King Eider Duck

King eider duck is the largest sea duck living in the northern hemisphere. It has a unique yellow knob on the head that looks like a crown. During the breeding season, the male king eider duck feathers are more colorful than the female feathers.

3. Hooded Merganser Ducks

The hooded merganser has a very exaggerated crown feather that looks like a hat, and it has yellow eyes, a white chest, and two black stripes.

2. Knob-billed Duck

The knob-billed duck is a very unique species. The male bird has a huge black knob on the beak. The spot on the neck is like freckles, and the feather on the back is shiny blue and black. It is very beautiful

1. Smew Duck

The smew duck is known for its black and white feathers and is considered one of the most beautiful ducks in the world. The male smew has a white body with a striking black marking on the head and back, and its feathers are soft and radiant, looking both aesthetically pleasing and elegant.