The Two-Legged Dog That Loves to Run Outside

When Melody Rezzonico first saw Gus, she knew it was true. She saw his lovely smile and fell in love immediately. Gus has only two hind legs, so Rezzonico didn’t understand his medical needs at first, but she knew he was worth fighting for anyway.

When she first saw his picture, she commented on how he looked like a little kangaroo. Then she continued to send pictures to her mother and happily told her that she wanted Gus to be her next dog.

Gus was only 4 months old when he was abandoned in South Dakota. Fortunately, Rezzonico soon met him at the local shelter, and he immediately knew he had a new home.

Rezzonico also has two other dogs, one of which is a herding dog, but immediately, she learns that Gus is the most active of the three. He didn’t let his leg missing make him flinch. Therefore, Rezzonico knew that she had to customize a wheelchair for him to help him run and explore like a sibling.

Gus loved his new wheelchair! It worked great on rocky paths and roads, but there were still certain places where the wheels didn’t help him all that much. He would often tip over with his wheels in the snow or when he went off the path. Rezzonico knew there was more she could do to help him.

Rezzonico ended up driving Gus all the way from Wyoming to Virginia to visitor OrthoPets, which is an animal prosthetics shop. When they arrived, they were able to get Gus fitted for a custom body shell prosthetic. She was able to get him a prosthetic that was shaped like a snowboard so that he could easily maneuver in the snow.

Now, Gus has a variety of prosthetics to help him travel on all types of terrains. He has gone swimming, backpacking, and kayaking. Also, he has traveled to many different places and has ran through sand dunes and even climbed 14,000-foot mountains! He doesn’t let his missing legs hold him back.

Gus may have had a difficult life as a child, but thanks to his new family, he was able to get the love and care he deserved. Rezzonico never gave up on him, so he could be the cheerful, energetic dog he always wanted to be.

No matter what you experience, all dogs deserve this kind of love and care. Gus’ rescue story is an inspiration. I hope more people will open their hearts to rescue dogs.