The Ugliest Cat In The World, Sphynx Cat Has Almost No Hair

Normally, when the cat is shaved, we feel ugly. Everyone likes cats with soft coats and enjoys a soft touch when they touch their hair. But there is a hairless cat called sphinx in the world. They have almost no hair all over their body, their skin is bare outside, and they are covered with wrinkles, which are similar to the world’s ugliest dog. It’s such a cat that we feel is ugly, but the market price is not low.

Morphological characteristics

The Sphynx cat is also called the Canadian hairless cat. This cat has almost no hair, only some thin and soft baby hair in the ear, nose, forehead, and foot. Their skin is as wrinkled as the skin of the elderly. The younger the cat’s skin, the more wrinkles the skin has. The tail is as thin and long as the tail of the mouse, and it is generally bent and upturned.

Living habit

Sphynx cats are very sensitive to temperature. Because there are no coats on the body, they have poor temperature regulation, which is both cold and hot. When the summer sun is too strong, the white parts of their bodies are easy to tan, and when the temperature is below 10 degrees, the cat is easily frozen. Sphinx cats have a good reputation for hygiene because they are born with the habit of covering up feces, which are inherited from the ancestors they live in the wild.

Variety value

The Sphynx cat was born in Toronto in 1966 from a nest of almost hairless cats. After inbreeding, it was specially developed for cat lovers who are allergic to cat hair. In order to prevent the occurrence of healthy diseases in close relatives, this kind of cat is more difficult to breed, so it is still rare in quantity. In the UK, the Sphinx cat is very popular and sold for £3,000 in 2010.