The Woman Visits The Frightened Dog Every Day Until He Learns To Trust Her

Chances are that Zeus and Lily are both stray dogs and were found near a church in Hillsboro County, Florida. When Carley Coca saw a post about them online, she knew she had to help immediately. Coca loves dogs, and she even volunteered to participate in the “Pawprint Heart” rescue activity. Therefore, she rushed to the scene immediately to see what she could do for these poor dogs. They seemed as if someone had just left them there.

When Coca reached the church, she effortlessly let Zeus and Lily climb into the car. However, the opportunity to refuse to follow. He didn’t even want to be near Coca or cars.

Coca tried to calmly approach Chance, but he just barked and eventually escaped. She was sad to see him go, but she can say that he was too scared to trust a person. Therefore, she took Zeus and Lily to a safe place and agreed to return.

The next day, Coca returned to the same place as before to find poor Chance. Like their first meeting, the scared puppy had nothing to do with her. She had expected this, so she was ready. She brought some burgers to the dog and began to throw them at him in hopes of winning his trust.

The opportunity was happy to eat the snacks she brought, but he still didn’t want to be near her. Therefore, Coca offered him snacks every day to return to the same place. She tried various methods to get his attention, but he still felt frightened. She even tried to bring Lily to her side to see if he would trust her, but the poor Chance just didn’t want Coca’s help.

On the sixth day, something changed. When she arrived at the usual place, Coca-Cola found that the Chance was waiting for her. Normally, he would hide away from her, but this time, he was at the end of the driveway, waiting for her arrival.

That day, Chance was glad to accept the food, but he still did not want Coca to touch him. She knew she finally made progress with him.

When she arrived on the 8th day, Chance actually ran into the car. She reached out to the window and to her surprise, he licked her! His tail even wobbled, so Coca knew she had finally won his trust.

The chance finally made Coca love him, and she couldn’t help crying with happy tears. She was finally able to pick him up and take him to the car.

When Coca met her, she noticed that he was covered with fleas, ticks, and burrs. He obviously has a lot of rehabilitation to do. Zeus and Lily were used to adopting houses, but Coca believes that this is not the right path for Chance. Therefore, she decided to raise him herself.

So far, Chance has settled into his temporary residence well. He has always been with Coca-Cola dogs and now seems to be comfortable around him. Coca worried that he might have difficulty meeting new people.

Legally speaking, the Chance will stay in Coca home for three months, and Coca must check whether he already has a family member. After these 90 days, the Chance will be adopted, and Coca will help him find a family forever. She hopes that at the same time, his time with her will help him feel more comfortable among those around him.