Top 10 Dogs Running The Fastest

What are the most powerful dogs? These dogs are at least huge, but not necessarily the fastest dogs. The speed of the greyhound can reach 69 km/h, and the top ten dogs who run the fastest

10 Hungarian Vizsla 40 km / H

The Hungarian Vizsla is from Hungary and is a medium-sized dog. It is muscular, good at chasing prey, and fearless. The Hungarian Vizsla can reach 40 kilometers per hour and is one of the fastest dogs.

 9 Border Collie 43 km / H

Because of its agility, it was originally used as a small mousetrap. The Border Collie can reach 43 kilometers per hour. It is also used as a squirrel and a hare. It is one of the fastest dogs.

8 Australian Kelpie 45 km / H

Australian kelpie is a medium-sized dog. Australian kelpie can reach 45 kilometers per hour. It is muscular and strong. It was originally the shepherd dog and one of the fastest dogs

7 Great Dane 46 km / H

This regal breed combines great size and power with elegance. They are square proportioned and well balanced. The gait is strong and powerful with long, easy strides. The coat is short, thick, and glossy. The great Dane is most noteworthy for its majestic carriage and appearance— the apollo of dogs, in fact, their running speed is also good, the great Dane can reach 46 kilometers per hour, is one of the fastest dogs.

6 Afghan Hound 46 km / H

The Afghan Hound Needs Daily Exertion, Either In The Form Of A Long Walk Followed By A Short Sprint, Or Preferably, A Chance To Run Full Speed In A Safe Enclosed Area. This Dog Makes A A Great Family Member, And Needs A Soft Bed And Outdoor Access,
Its High Iq And Reasoning Ability Has Always Been Praised By People. It Was Originally Used For Hunting And Is One Of The Fastest Dogs.

5 Labrador Retriever 48 km / H

Few breeds so richly deserve their popularity as does the Labrador Retriever. When trained, the breed is obedient and amiable and tolerates the antics of children, other dogs, and other pets. The Lab is a calm house dog, playful yard dog, and intense field dog, all on the same day. Labs are eager to please, enjoys learning, and excel in obedience. It is a powerful breed that loves to swim and retrieve.
Running has always been their strength and one of the fastest dogs.

4 Russian Wolfhound 48 km / H

A breed of quiet elegance, the Borzoi exemplifies the well-mannered family member indoors. Outdoors, they race with wild abandon and will chase any small animal that runs. They are independent but very sensitive. Although generally good with children, they may not be playful enough to satisfy some children. Some can be timid. They are reserved with strangers, Its smell is very sensitive and it is one of the fastest dogs.

3 Saluki 51 km / H

The Saluki tends to be aloof and reserved with strangers. They are often extremely devoted to their own family but are not particularly out-going. They are often very gentle with children, but may not be playful enough to satisfy most children. The Saluki can be extremely sensitive and does not take to rough and tumble play. They can also be shy. They tend to be very quiet and sedate inside, seeking out a soft warm spot. Outside, they are capable of running in great circles at tremendous speeds and may try to chase small animals or fast-moving objects. The earliest as an antelope hunting, hunting is instinct, the Saluki hound can reach 51 kilometers per hour, is one of the fastest running dogs.

2 Whippet – 64 Km / H

Perhaps the most outgoing and amenable of the sighthounds, the whippet makes an ideal pet for people who want a somewhat quiet family member and devoted companion. The whippet is often very gentle with children. They are calm indoors but loves to run and play in the yard. They are often very sensitive (both physically and mentally) and need to be treated and handled accordingly. This dog can reach a speed of 64 kilometers per hour. Its acceleration is the fastest and the temperament is one of the fastest dogs

1 Greyhound 69 Km / H

The ultimate running dog, the Greyhound is built for speed. Long legs and an arched back enable the dog to contract and stretch maximally while executing the double-suspension gallop. Greyhounds have tremendous muscle mass and light legs, further enhancing speed. The feet are long and narrow, giving maximum leverage. The long tail serves as a rudder and brake when running at high speed. It is one of the fastest dogs.