Top 10 Most Strange Looking Birds In The World

Abnormal plumage, malformation of beaks, unusual shape, and of course infrequency in appearance makes some species of birds so strange. Some of them also show weird habits in diet, flight, and mating. Here the list of 10 most strange looking birds in the world.

10 California Condor

california condor

The largest North American land bird, unfortunately, this species became extinct. The total number of known California Condor in the world is just 437. They are found within several regions of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The brownish red eyes, featherless head, ivory colored bill and the standing black feathers surrounding the neck make California Condor looking weird. The featherless neck and head of this bird also capable of making flushing in accordance with the different state of emotions.

California Condor has a huge wingspan than any other North American bird, measures 3 meters in length. It weighs between 10 to 14 kilograms, has the longest lifespan of 60 years. They can fly at a height of 15000 feet and can glide in air currents for a long time. Condors make their nest on high cliffs and large trees. The decaying flesh of animals is the main food of condors, travel up to 150 miles in a single day in searching for food.

9 Sri Lanka Frogmouth

srilanka frogmouth

As the name suggests Sri Lanka Frogmouth has a large gaping mouth, wide head, and hooked bill. As their eyes facing forward, they get a wide binocular vision. This strange species of bird are mainly found within The Southwest part of India and Sri Lanka. They also are known for loud laughing song, to passing message between each other

They reach up to a length of 9.1 inches. Male and female Sri Lanka Frogmouth is varied by a color of a feather, the female is rufous, and the male has gray coloration on the feather. They are very weak in flight. Frogmouth birds used to hunt insects at night, take the rest during day time on tree branches.

8 Long Wattled Umbrellabird

long wattled umbrella bird

The long wattle hanging from the chest and large crest extending over the bill of male bird makes long Wattled Umbrellabird looking so weird. Their wattle has a length up to 35 cm, covered with short feathers and it is inflatable, used during courtship. Both crest and wattle of the female bird are much shorter than that of a male bird.

The long-wattled umbrella bird held this long wattle against the chest during flight. They live in the wet forest of Colombia and Ecuador. Insects, lizards, and nuts are the main food of the long-wattled umbrella bird.

7 Marabou Stork

marabou stork

Many people consider marabou stork as the ugliest bird in the world. It has bald pink head and neck, long inflatable featherless wattle hanging just below the bill, big wedge-shaped bill, and massive body with dark color makes a vampire-like appearance. Marabou storks mainly live within dry South African regions. They grow up to a height of 60 inches and gain weight up to 9 kilograms.

Marabou stork is also one of the birds with the largest wingspan in the world, have a length up to 3.7 meter from tip to tip. Like vultures, marabou stork found of having carrion as their main food. Sometimes they steal carrion from vultures, also eat other birds like pigeons, pelicans, chicks, and doves.

6 Shoebill


It is a prehistoric-looking bird, mainly found within Sudan to Zambia. The enormous bill itself makes it look strange. These huge bills have a length between 7.5 to 9.5 inches and have sharp edges, also have grayish marks. It is also known as whale head and shoe-billed stork. Shoebills are also one of the endangered species of birds in the world. Only 8000 shoebills are left in the world.

Shoebills have an average height of 5 feet and weigh between 4 to 8 kilograms. During the nesting season, they produce sound using bills for communicating with each other. They usually hunt for snakes, amphibians, lizards, and rats at night. Stay in calm for a long time for prey and make the sudden attack on appearance, crush the prey using the enormous bill.

5 Magnificent Frigate Bird

magnificient frigate bird

They are much known for their bright red throat pouch, only found within male magnificent frigate birds during the breeding season. This throat pouch also inflated like a balloon, makes brilliant reflection as male birds have deep black color. Female frigate birds are also black in color, but they have white breasts. They also have a long gray-colored bill with a hooked tip.

Magnificent frigate birds live within the coast of Florida and California. They spend most of their time flying, have the habit of chasing other birds, and snatching their food. Small fishes, squids, and jellyfishes are the main food of magnificent frigate birds.

4 Andean Cock Of The Rock

strange looking birds

The large disc-like the crest of the male Andean cock of the rock gives it a completely different look. They also have bright orange-colored head, neck and chest, have a black body and gray wings. Unlike male bird the females have a small crest and have brownish-orange color in the upper body part. It is also regarded as a national bird of Peru.

They mainly live within the Andean mountains of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Andean cock of the rocks only grow up to the length of 32 centimeters and weighs up to 230 grams. Their nest has a concave cup-like shape, uses saliva, mud, and vegetable wastes for construction. Fruits, berries, and insects are the main food of the Andean cock of the rock.

3 Ribbon Tailed Astrapia

ribbon tailed astrapia

Ribbon-tailed Astrapia is a medium-sized bird endemic to the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The long tail itself makes this species of bird so attractive, only found within the male bird. In fact, they have longest tail feathers in comparison with body size than any other species of birds in the world.

The tail of ribbon tailed Australia pia have a length up to 3 feet where it’s body length is only 1 foot. They have olive green and bronze-colored feathers on its body. The long tail is misses within female birds, males used the long tail and bright plumage for attracting females. At the same time, the female birds have a brownish-black body.

2 King Of Saxony Bird Of Paradise

king of saxony bird of paradise

The much elongated scalloped or ornamental feathers of the king of Saxony bird of paradise make a bizarre appearance. The long head plumes of this bird measured up to 50cm. The bird can also wave these head plumes back and forth at its wish. King of Saxony bird of paradise is endemic to New Guinea.

They make a nest in the Kratke mountain range at the height of 1400 to 2800 meters above sea level. The male birds also sing loud to compete with other male birds.

1 Superb Bird Of Paradise

superb bird of paradise

Superb bird of paradise renowned for their bright ornamental plumage and mating dance, endemic to New Guinea forests. There is so much difference in the appearance of the male and female superb bird of paradise. The male bird has a bright blue crest, blue-green mix shield on chest and velvet black at it’s back. In the case of the female bird, it has a reddish-brown color, not so attractive as a male bird.

While taking the population of a superb bird of paradise, it can seem that a relatively short number of females in compare with a population of males. So there arises competition among male birds for females. To attract females, they display fascinating mating dance. This courtship display is done by folding black feathers and green-blue shield on its chest upward direction and spread symmetrically.

Then the male birds dance around females by moving its tail feathers. It is a small-sized bird that only has the length up to 26 cm and weighs between 60 to 100 grams. They also sing ion loud to attract female birds. Superb bird of paradise preferred to live in sloping mountain ridges of New Guinea at an elevation of 1600 to 2300 meters above sea level.