Top Ten Singing Birds, The Best Sound Bird Ranking In The World

The sound of birds is one of the most beautiful sounds in nature. Among most birds, only males can sing, and each songbird has its own unique singing voice and style. Here are the 10 most Singing birds in the world.

10. Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

The yellow-tailed black cockatoo is a large cockatoo with striking black feathers and a special yellow spot on its tail. This cockatoo is distributed in southeastern Australia. This group of yellow-tailed black cockatoos is known for its loud voices. They usually make some sharp contact numbers, such as “kee-ow…kee-ow…kee-ow“. These loud calls can be heard from far away. This cockatoo usually flies in groups of three or four, and the high-pitched calls during flight help them connect with each other. The yellow-tailed black cockatoo makes a soft scream when feeding, and gives a harsh warning when threatened.

9. Black-billed Magpie

The black-billed magpie is a small sounding bird that can be found in most parts of the world. They made a loud buzz in “Wock-woch, pjur, queg-queg-queg, weer-weer”. Magpies often scream in groups. They are also known for mimicking the sounds of other birds. The black-billed magpie grows to 18-24 inches and has a wingspan of 24 inches. Their bodies are black and white with blue-green markings on their wings. Although the black-billed magpies have a large wingspan, they cannot fly a long distance.

8. House Sparrow

Small and beautiful sparrows are closely related to humans. They are distributed in most parts of the world, living in rural and urban areas, mainly feeding on berries, seeds, and insects. Their songs feature different types of notes, such as ‘chirrup’ or ‘cheeps‘. When a male bird flies into the sight of a female bird, the female bird’s house sparrow will make a soft squeak. They also emit an alarm signal similar to “Quer. Quer. Quer” to actively protect their nest, they mainly feed on berries, seeds, and insects.

7. Channel-Billed Cuckoo

Channel-billed Cuckoo, 1-meter long wingspan and is the largest parasitic bird in the world. They can be found in Eastern Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. In the spring, Channel-billed Cuckoo migrated to eastern Australia. They breed in the subtropical regions of Australia. The cuckoo lays eggs in the nests of other birds, especially in the Australian magpie’s nest. The cuckoo bird takes three to four weeks to grow a full feather and then leaves the owner’s nest. In the next winter season, Channel-billed cuckoos will return to New Guinea and Indonesia.

6. Song Thrush

Thrush is a fascinating, singing bird that lives in Asia, Europe and Africa. The thrush bird is famous for its beautiful singing voice, which is characterized by a wide range of sounds. They are also named after their sweet songs. The thrush usually sings from the branches in pairs. Thrush will repeat some phrases three to four times while singing.

5. American Robin

This North American bird is known for its eye-catching feathers and beautiful singing. They repeat phrases three to four times in different pitch order, their singing becomes clearer and clearer at dawn, and American robin also alerts when he is threatened by potential predators. American robin inhabits pine forests, mountains, bushes, and woodlands. American robin’s feathers are taupe, black on the head, and orange on the abdomen. Unlike males, females have a pale color. American robins feed on crickets, insects, and fruits.

4. Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Rose-breasted Grosbeak is an attractive songbird native to the northeastern United States and Canada. They have bright black and white feathers and a deep red triangle on the white chest. Both male and female rose chest hairs can sing beautiful sounds with many different tonal notes. Male birds used to sing at treetops, while females sang during hatching and nesting.

3. Asian Koel

The Asian koel is a kind of cuckoo family. They are found in India, Bangladesh, Australia, Solomon Islands and southeast Asia. The Asian koel is very loud and the range of the voice is very wide. They usually sing during the breeding season, from march to august. Male Asian koel has a typical sound called “ko-ooo”, which repeats the sound at certain intervals. The female will make a rhythmic “Kik-kik-kik” sound.

2. Canary

The popular canaries are named after their hometown of the canary islands, Spain. Since the 17th century, canaries have been raised as pet birds because they sing a beautiful song. Male canaries sing better than females. Their songs have unique patterns and styles. The canaries are good at repeatedly imitating the sounds they hear from their surroundings. The canary is singing all year round except summer. In the summer, they shed feathers, and most varieties stop singing at that time.

1. Common Nightingale

The singing of the nightingale is considered to be the most beautiful melody bird song. Their wonderful songs are portrayed by many poems, books, and operas. Nightingale lives in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Mediterranean. Their wonderful songs are characterized by rich notes, different sequences, vibrato, and whistle. The nightingale can be heard at dawn and at night.