What Are The Top Ten Animals That Are Good For Humans?

There are many small animals in nature that are good helpers for human beings, and some may not be so eye-catching, but they are also making a little contribution to the living environment of human beings with their small torso. So, do you know what animals are good for?


Owls are birds that fly at night, able to capture voles, protect crops, and let farmers’ uncles harvest the joy of harvest.

9. Dragonfly

It not only catches mosquitoes and flies, but also catches pests such as flying butterflies, moths, bees, etc., and protects crops. It belongs to a beneficial insect.


Mantids is an important natural enemy of agricultural pests. In ancient greece, people regarded Mantids as a prophet, because the forearm lifted up like a girl who was praying, so Mantids is also called a prayer worm.


Although the bat looks like a flying mouse, it does not be as annoying as a mouse that steals things. Bats are mainly mosquitoes, noctuids, scarabs, larvae and other pests. Eating, you can prey on more than 3,000 a nigh

6. Swallows

Although many birds eat worms, there are many birds that eat the crops that people grow, but the swallows are different. They carry auspicious signs and catch pests in the sky. If a swallow enters the owner’s house to build a nest, it would be a very happy thing.

5. Seven-spot ladybug

The seven-spotted ladybug is a well-known beneficial insect. Adults can prey on pests such as wheat aphid, cotton aphid, peach aphid, and tick, which greatly reduces the damage of many fruits, crops and trees.

4. Earthworm

Earthworm is a very common beneficial insect. It lives in the soil, drills in the soil, loosens the firm soil, and allows more air and moisture to penetrate into the soil. In addition, the manure is a very good fertilizer that protects the growth of the crops.

3. Woodpecker

The woodpecker feeds on the pests in the trunk. It can eat thousands of pests every day, protects the tree’s thriving growth, and makes a contribution to the greening of the earth. It is not a doctor in the forest. .

2. Little bee

The bees are very hardworking animals. They collect nectar and make delicious honey. They also complete the pollination of plants, which makes many crops increase their yield.


The frog is a small expert in catching pests. It lives in a small ditch near the crop, and is often transferred to the ground to catch pests. People call it a good helper to protect crops.