What are you doing for the weekend?” The interviewer decided from this question whether to use or not to use you

Life is indeed a practice. At first you always feel that the world is not happen. Later, it was discovered that it is actually your own problem.

How do you spend your life?

The newly graduated S girl failed for an interview. She spoke to me on WeChat, saying that the interviewer was very ridiculous and very rude.

She said: “I am going to interview as a reporter. He should have tested my interviewing ability and writing. But he just stared at me with a squint and asked two questions. He blurted out for the next one, is it irritating?”

I said, “His second question should be, what you usually do?”

She sent three exclamation marks and asked, “How do you know?”

“How do you answer that?”

S girl sent a long paragraph of text, roughly describing her daily life and holidays, summed up: watching TV dramas, playing games during the day, playing games, and watching TV shows at night.

I said, “It’s right if they don’t choose you. The true face and true value of a person can’t be represented by two or three pages of A4 paper. It can’t be seen by one side, but through your actions in idle time. Habits can be seen very clearly. Maybe this is not the only way to understand a person or even the best way, but it is the most labor-saving way.”

The situation of a man after a few ten years can be roughly predicted by his tiny habits; the appearance of a woman after three years or five years can be expected through her usual pastime.

By the same indication, a person who does not think ahead in the weekdays can hardly be diligent in his work; a person who is jealous in life is hard to achieve excellence in his work.

This is common sense. The bad habits that you haven’t changed today, it is still a problem tomorrow; the problem you can’t solve today, it is likely to become a bigger problem tomorrow; the fat you can’t reduce today, tomorrow and even the next life can’t be reduced.

As the saying goes, the three layers of the lower abdomen are not one day.

If you want to be more competitive in the crowd, you have to have a higher resolution first. And the pixels that affect you are your every yesterday, as well as yesterday’s choices, habits, judgments, and the knowledge you have learned, the books you have read, the people you met…

My suggestion is that if you want to be good, you will go to the runway and sweat when you are a little sleepy. If you want good grades, you will go to the library to concentrate on others indeed if you are in the game world. People, then go to the precipitation, slowly exercise the true ability; want to let the interviewer respect you, and then pay extra to make yourself impeccable.

I am afraid that you will let your eyes become shorter and shorter, the world will become lower and lower, and the problems will pile up. On the other side, you will be entangled in the middle of the night or become blame, and you will be burned in the circle of friends. Sending some speeches that have not gone through the brain, holding the banner of killing the people, has become a joke of others; or incarnate as a keyboard demon, with a full of blood to leave cynical comments under the popular microblogging, with The sense of justice in a heavenly way has become a brainless “spray”

I’m afraid, when you shout, you will cherish your life when you scream, but you are wasting your time generously; while you want to make great achievements, you are making decisions again; you are worried that your ambition is difficult to pay, while A bunch of tattered things is too busy.

So what qualification do you have to complain about the fate of your destiny? Your status quo is clearly made by you.

Once upon a time, your heart was higher than the sky: single-handedly dare to smash the rivers and lakes, and face the acne marks and dare to wear love. When frustrated, you will cry inside, “There is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid of people.”

Nowadays: I am afraid of letting go, and I am afraid of missing it. In the face of people, places, and things I like, I can only touch my stomach and say sourly, “The things are gathered together, and the people are divided into “poor” points.”

Once upon a time, you were so beautiful: you need to be both forward-looking and need to look at your life. Saying “high vision” can point you in the direction and say that “the mouse eye” can make you live in the moment.

In the later real life, you chose “high vision” when you were working hard, and said, “I want it, I will give it to me in the morning and evening”; I chose “the mouse eye” when making my life choices. I still don’t know shyly that “people must live a little more realistic, don’t get things that are illusory.”

The only thing I can say is that God gives food to birds, but never gave in the nest.

When I was in college, I stayed at school for a long time. I had a questionnaire interview with my classmates. The question is: “How did you go through the weekend and feel bored?”

“boring” is a very popular word of the times. It sums up all the reasons why many people are late, early leave, and not listening in class.

When it was the turn of my friend, she said, “I never feel bored on weekends. If there is a Spanish class in the morning, I will watch a Spanish movie in the afternoon and a film review in the evening. If it is a nutritionist training course in the morning, I will go shopping in the afternoon. Go to the supermarket to buy some ingredients, and do some food for everyone at night; if there is no class in the morning, I will learn French by myself. I also plan to speak fluent French before graduation! If I have spare time, go to the bookstore. , buy some favorite picture books, or prepare the contents of the speech. You know, I will send a speech in the school magazine every Monday.”

Today, my friend is both a successful woman in business and an artist in life. If she has a full range of meetings this month, she will definitely have a few concerts when she is free; if she chooses coffee beans in Jamaica this month, she may be watching a fashion show in Paris next month.

You see, people who can make their time rich and meaningful are like having a “master key” that can have a new and always happy life in a mediocre time.

Moderate leisure is a necessity for life, but the endless hours of gloom and the shackles of no purpose are the drugs of life.

Probably because you were used to “arranged” and “ordered” in high school, you will feel awkward at this time, and then you can’t wait to do something to send out this sudden extra time.

The difference is that some people choose to go to the library, some people choose to kill on the computer, and some people indulge in the movie and TV show… But even if you change a brand of mobile phone, move to another residence, buy a few new books, or Falling in love and then getting out of it can’t help you get rid of boredom. Because boring is not life, but your attitude towards life.

For example, you are brushing shopping online on the side, complaining that university life is boring; here is a friend who is going to join hands in the game. On the phone, he said to his grandparents that the birthday party has no time to go home.

Boring is not a waste of time, nor is it evasive. As Liao Yimei (screenwriter) said: “I often feel that if this thing comes, you are not brave enough to solve it. It will definitely come again. Life is like this, it will let you go again and again. Do this homework until you learn.”

All the problems you are escaping and lazy will be attacked by you after making a face-lift!


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