“When I have money, I won’t work!” – Did nothings, not necessarily will be happy.

You can also travel abroad at the beginning, but you can’t travel every day? People normally will do things base on their interest, but if you belongs to the kind who has no interest, so it is a painful pass time for the twenty-four hours every day.

When I encounter deteriorating in my work and feel unsatisfied and depressed, many people will say, “When I have money, I will not work!” But few people really think about it, really have money. , don’t you work?

If you are sixty or seventy years old, it will be fine if you don’t work. Everyone will congratulate you on your blessing. However, if it is forty or fifty years old, it will become a weird thing not working. Others see it strangely, but more of it is strange in their hearts. It is a threshold that is difficult to cross.

Retirement does  nothings, not necessarily be relax

Recently, a reader who is over 50 years old has this trouble, ask me what to do. When he was young, his work was very hard. He followed his boss to the mainland to expand his career. He did it all day and night. He didn’t return to Taiwan for a few years. Even if he came back, he rushed in and took care of his official duties. He never did well. Family members get along and missed many important days and became a lingering regret. Fortunately, with the boss, the boss gave him a good salary, so at the age of 50, wealth is free!

This is the first level, if that is you, what do you decide? Some people will choose to continue working, because money will never be earned enough, no one will be too much, not to mention being strong and strong, regardless of physical strength or wisdom are at the peak of life, but also can be raging and fighting it back and forth! The reader made another choice. He didn’t want to miss the good times with his family. He wanted to come back to accompany his parents, grow up, and relive his relationship with his wife, so he returned to Taiwan.

When he return to Taiwan at this age, it is not easy to find another job. Even if he want to find a job and  he can’t find a light job, why  return to Taiwan? Because he is wealthy, he will withdraw from the workplace and will not work at all.

However, if you are not working at the age of 50, it is strange!  It is very uncomfortable. Let me talk about himself first.  He used to work  every day, and have to fly from time to time. It is equal to twenty-four hours of work. Now it is not working for twenty-four hours. He have a lot of time in hand. How to spend the time?

He spent travel abroad at the beginning, but you can’t travel every day? Some person will also do things on interest, but he belongs to the kind of person who has no interest, so it is a painful pastime the twenty-four hours every day.

The wife is annoying to see him, and the child felt useless when see him.

Let’s take a look at his wife. The wife was looking forward to his returned and family reunion, but he came back and disturbed his wife’s 20-year lifestyle. Before that, his wife would arrange friends for afternoon tea or go for some classes.  But now all must put away. Preparing three meals at home every day is equivalent to tying hands and feet and taking away the freedom of the wife. Therefore, they two were not happy either. The wife once said that he was a “large garbage” described by a Japanese woman and wanted to throw him back into the workplace for recycling.

As for the children, one in high school, one in the grade 7, watching dad at home every day, they feel embarrass, because their classmates parents are still working, when filling out the family information form, the parents’ occupations are filled with “None”, so that they are different from others, feel uncomfortable. In the past, when they mentioned about their dad, they all proudly said that Dad is engaged in any industry in the mainland and has a high position. Now they don’t know how to introduce him. One time, the classmates also asked the child with sympathy: “Is your father unemployed? Have he found a job yet? Will you have a domestic violence?”

The parents of the readers have similar feelings. In the past, they will be full of brilliance. They said that their sons are flying here today, flying there tomorrow, being reused by the company, and optimistic about the future; now they don’t know what to say, can they say, “My son workless”? Of course not, this kind of show-off is too hurtful; but  even say that some old friends will look at them suspiciously, thinking that there is a hard-to-talk, and the sympathy of the eyes makes the two old folk  uncomfortable.

In this way, tossed for two years.  He enjoyed the enjoyment of the beautiful days after retirement. At last he decided to return to work, now he back to work, find the vitality of the past, and set an example for their children. However, he did not intend to return to the old bank and asked for my opinion what else can he select? This is the second level, it is you, what do you choose?

Interested + meaningful = ideal job

I gave him the criteria for two choices. One is to do something interesting and the other is to do something meaningful. Doing things of interest, paying for yourself, people will become happy; doing meaningful things, paying for others, people will be satisfied. From middle age to old age, you can get happiness and satisfaction. This life is a complete merit.

When you are young, the main motivation for your work is to make money. When you change jobs, most of you look at salary and title, or the future development. Is it possible for the position to jump higher and the salary more and more? It is an external value. It is not necessarily what you really like or pursue. Even if it is all in place, it may not be satisfied and happy. Sometimes it is empty and empty, and the suspicion is the life that you have thought of.

Now that you don’t need to worry about money anymore, you don’t have to be at an unexpected value. You may want to go back to yourself, look at the intrinsic value, find out where you are, and what life means.

When people are in middle age, there is very important to organize their life.

After walking through most of our life, there is a small part in our life. Many people will start to enter the introspection stage and ask themselves a few simple questions:

Who am I?      

Where do I come from?

Where do I want to go?

Middle-aged people ask these questions to understand the position of their own life. Which coordinate should use for positioning? In the past, you can use name and profit as latitude and longitude; after middle age, name and profit can no longer be satisfied, you must take back, ask inside, ask yourself, and hope for your own position. This question is like asking someone, after you have passed away, I hope that future generations will write down a sentence on the epitaph.

Dedication is the highest self-realization

The man said that he has no special interest, but he can think about “meaning”. Later, he told me that he wanted to contact some foundations to save young people who were quit from school at young age, lest they be given up by the society, and they would be absorbed by criminal groups, and it would be difficult to return to the normal system for life. He said with a bit of shame that giving these lost opportunities a chance is the ultimate meaning of his second half of life, perhaps the epitaph can write:

“He will always lend a helping hand to the child who has fallen into the abyss.”

Many people think that what they get is the most important thing. In fact, when they reach middle age, they will find that it is not. Only giving and contributing to others is the meaning of work. Only in this way can we find our own position and feel real and practical.