“Why don’t I have a salary increment!” First ask yourself if you have the ambition to get a raise?

Do you often suspect that the salary data released by the government is too high? Well, the truth is that these average wages have actually been underestimated, so what you should ask is, why is your salary below the average? In fact, you don’t have to be so wronged…

According to the annual report of the employee’s annual salary announced by the Executive Office of the Executive Yuan, the average annual salary is more than 670,000 yuan, an increase of 16,000 yuan over the previous year. Many office workers are clamoring for data expansion. The reason is that “I have not received so much, neither my surrounded  friends, then, where problem there? The answer is cruel, please face it bravely, that is:

1. Other people raised their salary last year, but you didn’t!

2. Last year you raised your salary, but it didn’t add to $16,000, and others far exceeded this amount!

Why didn’t your friend receive 670,000 yuan?

The following fact is even more cruel and cruel. Please stand up and listen carefully: most of the poor people’s friends are poor. When you receive less than 670,000 yuan, most of your friends will be less than the collar 670,000 yuan. This month’s halo phenomenon will make people think that all the office workers in Taiwan are under the leadership of less than 670,000 yuan, but it is not! Of course, according to the 80/20 rule, office workers with less than 670,000 yuan account for the majority, and can imagine a small group of high-income groups, and the annual salary is staggering.

In addition, when the office workers hear an annual salary of 670,000 yuan, divided by 12 months, a monthly salary of 56,000 yuan, many people will think: “Is that possible?” Stop, stop, please stop questioning… Don’t forget Taiwanese have a custom of year-end bonuses at the end of the year. In the past, when the economy was poor, the average was about 0.9 months. When the economy was good, it was about 1.7 months. At least 13 months in a year, so 670,000 yuan should be divided by at least 13 months to equal the monthly salary. The monthly salary calculated by the accounting office. It is 48,000 yuan, not 56,000 yuan. However, even if it is 48,000 yuan, most people still feel that they have not received so much, because this amount also includes the labor insurance and the retirement.

But smart people don’t just ask what, but also ask why! A motivated office worker should not only say: “I didn’t receive 670,000!” Instead, I have to ask: “Why can someone else receive more than 670,000, and I don’t?” This is the correct attitude to face the truth of salary!

Let’s take a look at a few figures from the accounting office to see who is paying, what part of the salary increase, and how much salary is added to provide a clear and specific direction.

[Salary Trend 1] In the future, the average salary will definitely increase again.

In the past, the low salary of the past, a beautiful turning point in 2015, finally revealed a ray of light after the long dark tunnel, the average salary is the highest in 19 years. This salary growth is only a starting point. It is bound to become a long-term upward trend, which is positive good news for the workers.

In the past few years, after the young people have been protesting loudly, the government has heard the voice of the new generation. Although the government’s actions are weak, it can only raise the hourly salary of a few basic wages and a monthly salary of one or two hundred dollars. It also makes more young people awaken, face up to their low-paying and poverty-stricken problems, and form a strong social atmosphere, forcing companies to improve, in order to find talent or retain talent.

Even so, I still have to say that the company does not see the coffin in the salary adjustment. The reason why the salary will be adjusted is mainly because the demographic dividend has disappeared. This is the real reason. Enterprises like to hire young people, but the phenomenon of minority child has been fully reflected in the job market. Enterprises can’t find enough young people to use them. The current market situation is not only to grab graduates, but also the students who are studying in school are also hot, and the hourly salary is constantly shouting high.

[Salary Trend 2] The salary is reduced and the bonus is increased.

The key point is why is there no salary adjustment?

Because you don’t have a bonus for your job, let alone the bonus! These two are the most rewarding parts of the salary.

Among the data released by the Office at this time, the second and most relevant change in the salary of the workers is that the recurrent salary is 68.8%, which is the lowest in the calendar year; the non-recurring salary (including overtime and non-monthly work, Performance, three quarters and full attendance bonuses, etc. accounted for 17.4%, the highest in the calendar year.

In other words, companies know that salary adjustment is an irreversible trend, but the economy is changing faster and faster. They are worried that the adjustment of salary will make the personnel cost fixed and rigid, so the salary will be lowered and the bonus will be increased to make the salary portfolio more flexible. When the economy is good, there are a lot of bonuses. When the economy is bad, only the salary is enough. A new era of “low salary and high bonus” is launched. You have the ability to get the salary plus bonus or else can only get the salary.

In fact, almost one-third of the jobs that companies open now are in the business position, even if they are not in the business position. For example, the counter staff at the post office should sell insurance, the fitness instructor should enroll students, the web designer should develop a project, and the logistics industry driver should sell things… too much, and they all rely on bonus work! If you still resist doing business, you can’t find a job, or you can only get a meager salary.

If you want to get a high salary, you must change the direction and attitude of the job search, and embrace the job deficit.

[Salary trend 3] salary M-type

The salary goes up, who contributes? It is not a low-paying family with most hardships, but a salary premium from a high-paying family. It is a pity that the accounting office did not announce the salary data of the top 20 and the last 80. It is presumed that it does not want to provoke dissatisfaction and anger of the low-income group, otherwise the truth will be clearer.

Future salary will continue to go up. If you are still in a state of insensibility, you will be a low-wage family who is “raised up by the average number”; the other high-income group is on the salary and quickly spreads the gap. The situation, I am constantly being left behind, farther and farther, until I can’t see each other’s back.

In the era of globalization, it is not enough to have the skills and capabilities. It also needs to have the ability to move around on this earth, that is, the international mobility. Talents with this ability are likely to be among the high-wage people. Their salary is based on international standards. It is not in line with Taiwan. It is not a few counts, but a multiple jump. On the contrary, it can only be held in Taiwan. Labor, salary can only rise and fall with this boat, looking forward to a few hundred dollars a year of salary increase.

The salary will become more and more unfair, the winner will take it all, and the loser can only get rid of the biscuit crumbs on the ground.

In the past 16 years, the salary has been regressed. I always feel that there are people who are companions. Everyone is suffering together. However, when the future accounting office announces that the salary will rise every year, and the salary of the company will not move, the heart will be bitter than the past, and the relative deprivation is deep! Therefore, we must find a way out of this poor and bitter situation. In addition to overwhelming efforts, please pay attention to the above three trends.