Woman Abandons Terrified Pups With Trash When Evicted

Moving is stressful for everyone, and an eviction is even worse. But, that doesn’t offer an excuse to abandon your canine friends when you vacate the premises. Unfortunately, one Calfornia woman decided an eviction notification was justification for leaving her pups behind.

Abandoned Dogs 1

Dogs in distress

The Barstow, California, resident was evicted from her home. In her haste to leave, she left garbage bags filled with trash and unwanted clothes on the curb for the morning garbage pickup. But that wasn’t the only thing she left behind.

There, next to the bags of clothes and trash, were two dogs left in a wire cage. The terrified pups were confused and agitated. Why were they left alone and without food and water?

Luckily, the dogs were not left outside for too long. A Good Samaritan noticed them the next morning. They called Allen Boartfield, a volunteer with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, who drove to the house to pick up the dogs.

Treasures found

The volunteer named the two dog siblings Catch and Treasure. Boartfield did his best to earn the scared dogs’ trust. Treasure quickly warmed up to the man, but Catch was hesitant. Who could blame the pup after his harrowing ordeal? Catch was so frightened that he nipped at the volunteer’s hand. But Boartfield was a trained volunteer and understood the dog was traumatized. It was clear the pups were attached to each other.

Catch and Treasure’s rescuer brought them to Camino Pet Hospital, where they were examined. Catch had a cold and was sent to isolation for treatment. Although healthy, Treasure showed signs of neglect. Her fur was so matted it caused her pain that made it difficult to move.

So, the vets quickly groomed Treasure to ease her suffering. After her bath, Treasure seemed to come alive. She looked better, but she acted as though she felt better emotionally. The vet techs reported a much happier and friendlier dog.