World’s 10 Cutest Cat Breeds

These breeds of cat are underrated and cute.
It appears that dog breeds are the most recognized compare to cats who don’t get enough recognition. There are also cat breeds variety similar to dogs that also deserve recognition and love.

Check out these world’s 10 cutest cat breeds that you’ll surely love!

1. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold is indeed unique and super delightful. It’s like they usually beg something because of their fold-over ears. They frequently look slightly sad, which makes you attached to them more.

2. Exotic Persian

For me, the Exotic Persian breed is included in the list. Their face is squished-shape. These cats look indeed disappointed and grumpy. Their maintenance is incredibly high and must cater to every whim of them. And to be reasonable, you are.

3. Himalayan

These cats are truly impressive and splendid. With their fluffiness, the best is what they deserve and expect nothing more nevertheless the best.

4. British Shorthair

I’m not sure what’s all about British Shorthair to be called charming, however, they look fat and sassy. They are chubby and gorgeous and truly the best one for you. To be honest? What cat is not good for us, right?

5. Persian

Persian Cats have a slight difference from the Exotic Persians. The squished shaped face is lesser and of course, each cat has different qualities. These cats, when eating, tend to eat out of plate because their face can’t fit the cat’s bowl.

6. Maine Coon

In particular, these cats can transform into a giant and that makes them wonderful. Yeah, you got it right, giant. Similar to large dogs, they can grow as big as them. This may be perhaps we wanted for a cat. Who doesn’t want a cat that can be the size of a double pillow?

7. Munchkin

These little Munchkins never actually grow that much. Munchkins’ legs are truly broad and short, which makes them the perfect cat. If there’s a choice? I know you would like a cat to be a tiny Munchkin or a giant Maine Coon.

8. British Longhair

British cat is just simply adorable. When someone posts online and say that their cat is more awesome than the others, then that might be the British Long Hair. Their coats are soft and long, and they would want to keep it neat. And like all the cats around, they’ve always wanted to be above us, and catering them is a must.

9. Siberian

Siberian Cats are totally mesmerizing. Fluffy, long, and shiny coats are what they have and yes they are indeed amazing cats. Undeniably, they are cuddly, as in they could purr for hours if you brush them.

10. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats, as our finale. Compared to Siamese cats, they look slightly fluffier. As we face the reality, Siamese cats are not that cute. Nevertheless, cats become cuter if they have tons of fluff, the fluffier, the better it can be.

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